Cheat Sheets

Many of our users like to follow step by step instructions when working on their Updat-ed school website. We have a growing library of Cheat Sheets for this reason.


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Video Tutorials


If you prefer to learn by watching rather than reading - we have a range of Video Tutorials to help you along the way!


Cheat Sheets

A NEW WAY TO UPLOAD (if you choose)

This is a huge time-saver, allowing you to upload multiple PDFs/Images at a time, directly on your page/article.

In-Page Media Uploader


Every Day Basics
Getting More from your Site


Add a PDF to a Page - In Page Uploader

Add a PDF to a Page (Original Method pre 2023)
Changing User Passwords
Create a Page and Insert into Navigation

Forthcoming Dates in Articles & eNews
Homepage Gallery Theme 1
Homepage Gallery Theme 2 - 4
Homepage Gallery Theme 5 & 9

Homepage Gallery Theme 6 - 8

Logging in and Adding New Users

Photo Galleries in Articles & eNews

Multiple Photo Galleries on Pages & Articles

Working with Articles (Recent News) Theme 1 - 4
Working with Articles (Recent News) Theme 5 & 6

Working with Articles (Recent News) Theme 7

Working with Articles (Recent News) Theme 8 & 9
Working with the Calendar
Working with Images
Working with Navigation
Working with Quick View


Adding an Interactive Map

Adding a Facebook feed to your site

Adding a SunSmart widget to your site

Adding a Translator to your site

Adding a Twitter feed to your site

Adding your website to your phone home screen

Calendar Integration

Compressing Images in Publisher and Word

Exporting to csv

Footer Links

Old Email Newsletters

Working with Forms
Working with Tables

Visitor Sign In and QR Code Scanning

Working with Widgets

Working with Anchors



Uploading Videos using YouTube

Uploading Videos using Vimeo

Uploading Vimeo Videos Without the Frame

Uploading Videos using Google Drive



Updat-ed App - Free for All Schools
eNews - Subscription Needed


Updat-ed User Manual


Working with eNews


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