PR for Principals

PR for Principals: Managing the Vibe


PD Overview:

Tap three parents on the shoulder and ask them what the school stands for; you'll get three different answers. You have a perception problem. But it goes deeper than this. Your community carries perceptions about the school’s performance well beyond those provided by NAPLAN metrics. Opinions vary about the quality of the teaching staff, leadership, value systems, your programs and the ability of the school to manage difficult situations.


These perceptions can be managed?


Every school has a vibe.

‘PR for Principals: Managing the Vibe’ takes a simple public relations approach contextualised for schools. The overarching objective is to manage community perceptions through the use of key messages. Don’t fear, the program does not ask you to become a prolific publisher; in fact, it strongly recommends you write less. And the program can be successfully implemented regardless of the communication technologies you use.


Learn how to;

  • build a shared understanding of what the school stands for with key stakeholders
  • strategically position the principal as the educational leader
  • plan your ‘vibe’ around your school’s aspirations
  • effectively manage apps, websites, newsletters, social media and parent portals
  • measure your new ‘vibe’ 


The PD runs for two and a half hours and can be done at either the school level or seminar style with a number of schools in attendance. The program is aimed at principals, school leaders and those involved in communications and school marketing.


The program is facilitated by Denis Masseni


After a 20 year corporate career Denis entered the digital world in 2000 joining Monash University. He commenced as a sessional lecturer then soon became program director of the Master of Multimedia/Master of Design degrees. Denis continues his association with Monash University teaching digital and social media and has also taught at RMIT University in the public relations program.


In 2007 he formed The sponsor-ed Group (now known as Updat-ed), quickly becoming one of Australia’s leading developers of school websites.


Denis has conducted two significant pieces of research on school communications; the paper ‘Why schools are spooked by social media’ and his newsletter research ‘The Future of School Publishing’ that has now been viewed over 23,000 times.


Denis Masseni is a member of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders (ACEL) Victoria Executive and the recipient of the 2016 President's Award and in 2018 was inducted as an ACEL Fellow.




Pictured: Denis Masseni sponsor-ed Director running the 'PR for Principals: Managing the Vibe' PD at the offices of the Victorian Principals Association.


This first PD kicks off a new division for sponsor-ed - Communication Education. Stay tuned for more programs designed to make you a more effective communicator.


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