Your new newsletter for 2024 - eNews.

Our new eNews system will provide massive benefits for both parents and school administrators.

Here's a few of our schools using eNews



For Parents


The eNews will immediately engage the reader with its contemporary design. The navigation structure allows parents to move easily between articles, save calendar dates onto their device, find past newsletters with ease and translate to their preferred language. But most importantly, the eNews has been optimised for mobiles - grab your mobile and check it out. The eNews will solve the problem with the current PDF newsletter that essentially squeezes an A4 size document, into a mobile's tiny screen. Not an easy read!

Easier to read and mobile friendly means better engagement.


For Administrators


The eNews is built inside the website which eliminates one of the current publishing mediums; the creation of a PDF. This saves time and also ensures that articles created may also serve to populate the website keeping it up to date and relevant. The website is very easy to drive which means that so too is the creation of the eNews. 


Some more information


  • A teaser email is sent with a few of your selected articles that then take the reader to your full newsletter.
  • eNews uses the Recent News system. However when creating an article you can tag it for homepage view only or eNews, or both. Easy!
  • Each eNews is automatically archived for easy access - click here (from the sponsor-ed site)
  • Widgets that appear on your homepage can be added to the eNews. The calendar widget should be a must giving parents every chance to view and save events on thier device. 
  • Video, forms and albums can be added to eNews pages.
  • And while you're writing an article, you can push it as an alert to email or the app. Did we tell you that we have an app upgrade coming too? 
  • An unlimited number of articles can be included in the eNews. But be kind to parents - less is best.

If you'd like to trial eNews free, please contact: helpdesk@updat-ed.com.au

And here's a short video showing you how easy eNews is to publish - see how it can be done in under 90 seconds.



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