About SSL

All Updat-ed websites have added security

You may have noticed over the last few months that when you visit some websites, a warning message appears indicating that the website is not secure. Normally, data entered into a website was carried to the server in a raw form. This meant that if the data was intercepted it could be easily read. Implementing an SSL certificate means that the data is encrypted (scrambled text), virtually making it impossible to read other than by the receiving server. 

In the address bar of your browser, traditionally a website's prefix was http. Now many websites carry the https prefix. The 's' stands for secure. And there's also a cute lock icon there too.
Even if data isn't entered into your website (completing an absentee form as an example, or subscribing to the newsletter) adding an SSL certificate means that visitors won't get a warning message, thus giving them confidence to proceed with their visit.

And whilst on the subject of security, the Updat-ed website's inbuilt email system conforms with recent changes to anti-spamming laws. Emails now come from a single address of news@updat-ed.com.au which is one of the many anti-spam steps implemented. 

Last but not least, every Updat-ed website is backed up daily. 
We're committed to keeping Updat-ed websites up to date and secure with the latest changes in the digital world.

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