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Over 100 principals, business managers, administrators and teachers attended our Master Class titled, 'The future of school publishing'. We presented the findings of our research study that pulled apart 200 school newsletters to try and uncover a publishing methodology. The study was conducted by Denis Masseni, sponsor-ed director and Monash Univeristy sessional lecturer in digital media.


The impetus for the research was a common frustration by schools that the newsletter is not widely read; "we're tired of saying to parents that it was in the newsletter", said many schools. 


You can find a copy of 'The future of school publishing' here.


There were many research outcomes but one of the more damming was when we interviewed a number of schools that moved from a weekly to a fortnightly publishing cycle. We asked if the move created any push-back from parents; in the words of one, "we heard crickets". Essentially the school halved its service delivery and no one seemed bothered. What would happen if you moved to monthly, or perhaps once per term?


We have an internal vision at sponsor-ed to 'halve your publishing time and to double parent's engagement'. Our Master Classes are a combination of technical demonstrations and communication strategy sessions. We believe to truly achieve your communication's goals that mastery over technology and strategy is the perfect blend.


Enter the sponsor-ed Master Classes - and they're free to all Updat-ed schools.


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