Facebook for Schools

Facebook for Schools PD
At Updat-ed we're big fans of schools using Facebook. No it's not a website replacement or an alternative newsletter, it builds a unique connection with the community and with prospective parents too. If you're thinking about implementing a Facebook page for your school, we can help.

We can;

  • Create the Facebook page - with a little content from you.
  • Advise on 'best-fit' content and publishing frequency
  • Advise on managing risk

The PD fee - $295 plus gst (run over zoom, school attendance POA)

Enquiries to helpdesk@updat-ed.com.au

Facebook Resources

If you're interested in implementing Facebook at your school, there are 2 documents you should consider as part of the launch. Please feel free to modify the documents to suit your own school.


Facebook Documents

Facebook and Schools Code of Conduct

Facebook Launch Announcement

White Paper: Why Schools are Spooked by Social Media

Updat-ed conducted research into school's under-representation in the use of social media. The survey of 140 principal's informed much of the work leading to the creation of the new sponsor-ed websites. 


Download the paper here




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