App Trouble Shooting Guide

Q 1: I click on a message in the Updat-ed directory and nothing happens

A: In some instances the school may send out a message that does not contain a link to more of the story. If you click on the message and nothing happens, then that's all that was sent; it's like an SMS.


Q 2: I've opened the app but the arrow just keeps on spinning

A1: If you've just registered for the app, the school needs to approve your access. The chances are that you are yet to be approved; please wait a day until the school catches up on the approvals.

A2: If the app's been working but on this occasion it appears to be hanging;

(a) shut down the app, turn off the phone and start again, or

(b) if this persists please check if you have good access to wifi or a data network and try again when in a better zone, or

(c) if nothing sees to work, delete the app and reinstall. You'll need to notify the school that you have deleted the app and ask if they can also delete your registration before re-downloading the app.

(d) if you're still having problems, email with these details:


  • Your school
  • Name and email address
  • Model phone/tablet
  • Software version


Q 3: How do you delete old alerts

A:  The app is built to house 25 alerts.  When the 26th alert is pushed out, the oldest alert drops off.


Q 4.  How do I find the app?

A:  Here are some direct links to Google Play for androids and the App Store for apple devices.

Google Play

App Store


Q 5. I have an android device and it has stopped receiving alerts

A.  You will find a guide on how to update your android device if it is not auto updating.  To check the version of your Updat-ed app, open your app and click on Contact Us.  Scroll to the bottom to see the version it is running.  The most recent version is 8.0 (as at July 30, 2017)

Updating your android device


Q 6. I am receiving an error message when I try to register

A.  If you have entered any special characters when registering for the app, you might find that you receive error messages or the school is unable to approve your registration.  Please ensure you do not enter hyphens, apostrophes or any other special characters when registering.


EG.  Name: Peter O'Brien should be entered as Peter OBrien.

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