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March 2023

How easy can parents access your content?

Let's cut to the chase. If you make content available on a mobile phone, engagement increases.

Like really, really increases. Our FREE app is the gateway to giving your community convenient access. And there's nothing you have to do. Content from your website automatically populates the app.

There's a misconception that an app requires admin time. That may be true of other school apps, but because ours is integrated with your website, you don't have to do a thing. Other than of course, encouraging your parents to download it.

The app if free to schools.

Please spend a few minutes and see how the app works with your website and see how easy parents can access your content.

You can find support material for the app by clicking here.

Denis Masseni
Founder Updat-ed

Term 2 PDs

We have locked in our PD dates for Term 2.  We have 5 PDs running in the first few weeks of term.  Each will be conducted over zoom and are included in your annual fee.  If your keen to work on your website, newsletter or school marketing, register to attend one or all of the sessions.

Beginner Basics

This session will run you through the basics of maintaining your website including - loading pdfs, images, creating new pages and adding dates to your calendar. Suitable for users that have attended the initial Updat-ed training but need a refresher.  Running time: Approx 45 minutes

Monday 1st May 11.30am (9.30am WST)
Register here


Time to start thinking about trialling the Updat-ed eNews system. Create visually stunning newsletters with ease, from inside your website. And all schools new to eNews get a free Term's trial.  Running time: Approx 45 minutes

Tuesday 2nd May 1.30pm (11.30am WST)
Register here

Updat-ed App

Your website comes with a free app.  If you are interested in learning what the app can do and whether it is a fit for your school, this is the PD for you!  Running time: Approx 30 minutes

Wednesday 10th May 12.30pm (10.30am WST)
Register here

Get more from your site

In this session we will run you through some of the more enhanced features of your website.  We'll look at widgets, embedding forms, uploading videos and a few tidbits that will help you with your website editing.  Running time: Approx 45 minutes

Thursday 11th May 2.30pm (12.30pm WST)
Register here

School Marketing

Whether you’re trying to arrest an enrolment slide, harbour growth ambitions or are simply more interested in managing perceptions of your school, this PD will give you the strategies for positioning your school in the way you wish to be seen; the go-to school.  Running time: Approx 45 minutes

Friday 12th May 12.30pm (10.30am WST)
Register here

Please let us know if there's a PD topic you'd like covered, email helpdesk@updat-ed.com.au

Sinead Bannon
Operations Manager

Custom Homepage Gallery Graphics

I'M NOW ADDING NEW TEXT TO AN ARCHIVED ARTICLE Canva is a simple tool that you can use to create amazing graphics.  From flyers, recent news images or homepage article graphics - there is so much you can do - and it's easy and FREE for schools.

We've prepared a short video further below, showing you how we created a simple homepage gallery graphic. Easy!


Sinead Bannon
Operations Manager

Coming soon...

Shhh... Denis didn't want to announce this just yet, but just between you and I, we have 4 new web themes landing in Term 2.  This gives us 8 different display styles for our websites!  Pretty exciting!  We'll give you more details after the break.  It might be time to think about a theme upgrade. Stay tuned.

Sinead Bannon
Operations Manager