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April 5, 2022

Blurry Photos - Great For Your Website

My favourite photo technique is where you can make the background blurry. Smart phones can do this through portrait mode via adjustment of the F-stop. It's a scale that turns the background to various levels of blurriness. Technically speaking the technique is called 'depth of field'. Why play with blurriness? It makes the subject matter the star and not the background which is there only in a supporting role. But most importantly, the pics just look great. 

As an experiment, I'm shooting new photos for my wife's (sponsor-ed of course) website, just to show you what a smart phone can do. You really don't need a professional photographer (sorry pro's). All you need is a little composition and a smart phone feature or two to take great pics.

By the way, the new iPhone 13 has Cinematic Mode, that does the same blurry thing with video. 

Check out the photos below and also the iPhone tips tutorial.

I'm not an Android expert but a little youtubing will reveal a simple tute for your phone too.

Watch out for Term 2's photo taking PD.

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The beauty of Updat-ed is its integration with the website. Whatever you write in the website can be sent as an alert. Just tick a box. Say you write on the homepage about a forthcoming ‘Ride to School Day’. Just when you're about to press 'submit' to publish the article, just tick the app box. At the same time, you've added the article to the homepage, you've sent an alert. Easy!

You can also just send our version of an SMS we call 'Quick Push'. 

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Calendar dates viewed in the app can be saved directly into the parents own calendar. No way! Yes way!

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Looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces over the course of the year.

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