The Welcome Back Issue

4th February 2022

Term 1 Professional Development

Join us for a free PD (or two) in the coming weeks.  Grab a cuppa and zoom into our sessions.  Each PD will run for less than an hour but are designed to give you the skills you need to move forward with your website.
Monday 14th February 12.30pm (9.30am WST)
Beginner Basics -
a one hour session that will run you through the basics of maintaining your website including - loading pdfs, images, creating new pages and adding dates to your calendar. Suitable for users that have attended the initial sponsor-ed training but need a refresher.

Wednesday 23rd February 12.30pm (9.30am WST)
eNews -
New year, time to start thinking about trialling the sponsor-ed eNews system. Create visually stunning newsletters with ease, from inside your website. And all schools new to eNews get a free Term's trial.

Tuesday 1st March 12.30pm (9.30am WST)
School Marketing - whether you’re trying to arrest an enrolment slide, harbour growth ambitions or are simply more interested in managing perceptions of your school, this PD will give you the strategies for positioning your school in the way you wish to be seen; the go-to school.

Please let us know if there's a PD topic you'd like covered, email

eNews: Free Trial Term 1, 2022

We're offering all schools a free trial of the new eNews for Term 1. 

Thinking about trialling the sponsor-ed eNews system? Create visually stunning newsletters with ease, from inside your website. Contact to start your free trial, then join us for a short PD on how to use eNews to its full potential. On Wednesday 16th February at 12.30pm (9.30am WST). Register here.

Better visually, optimised for mobile with greater engagement. Your parents will love it and so will you.

Here's a few schools already using eNews.

Website Refresh - New year New Look

Did you know that sponsor-ed websites have 6 different themes that you can choose from?  All with the same, easy to use back-end controls. If you think it's time for a refresh - you can opt to have your web theme changed. 

  • The change is simple - we do it for you! 
  • No content is edited just a different look for your community
  • There is no down-time, your website is live while the changes are made
  • You can choose a launch date if you prefer - we'll make sure it's ready for you.
  • No re-training required - same admin controls that you are used to
  • It's cheap!  A theme change has a one-off fee of $95 but allows you to have a completely new looking website for your community!
If you are interested - take a look at our themes here.

Simply email if you wish to change themes!

Sinead's Website Audit

Even the easiest to use websites can lose their way a little. Let’s face it, 2021 was a BIG year and those website things you were going to get to, well, didn’t happen. You may need to engage Sinead’s Website Audit Report.
What's the aim of the audit?
  • Ensure parents (current and prospective) can find content easily
  • To make the website easier, for you, to manage
  • The make the school's personality and vitality shine through
If you don’t know Sinead, she’s our Operation Manager and likely the voice you here when you’ve called our helpdesk. Sinead has built hundreds of school websites and you can tap into her immense knowledge to get your website humming again.

Here’s what Sinead’s Website Audit Report will cover;
  • Website Traffic Dashboard Analysis
  • Google Maps
  • Google Search
  • Website Content Analysis
  • Facebook Content Analysis
  • Review Meeting

It's time to change your password

Did you know 81% of all cyber breaches are caused by weak passwords. Fun fact: The most common password is ‘123456’. It's actually the most used and compromised password in the world, occurring in 23.2 million cyber breaches in 2019. Start 2023 with a new password (just don't make it 2023)

You can change your password in under a minute; here's a Cheat Sheet showing you how, click here.

Also take the time to review your list of website administrators. If anyone has left your school, delete their USER access.

Sinead Bannon
Operations Manager

School Marketing Paper

The sponsor-ed Group can help deliver on your school's marketing and communications plans. 
We work with you to achieve your goals, whether you’re trying to arrest an enrolment slide, harbour growth ambitions or are simply more interested in managing perceptions of your school.

You can read all about our approach to school marketing in the free paper below.
Please reach out for a one hour, free consultation (1300 755 010 or

sponsor-ed Marketing & Communications Services

services start from $300
• Marketing Plans
• Communications Audit
• Digital Advertising
• Marketing & Communications PD’s/seminars
• Marketing mentoring
• Conference speaker

Free School Marketing Plan paper - download now

Invest one hour to read the paper and you'll change the way you look at marketing. 'What principals need to know about the principles of school marketing’, took two months and twenty plus years to write. I have attempted to reimagine school marketing.

If you’ve learned your marketing by working in schools, then it’s time for a reboot.

I hope you enjoy the paper - click on the image to downlaod the PDF

Marketing services are deliverd by Denis Masseni, sponsor-ed founder;

  • Former Program Director, Monash University Masters of Multimedia/Design
  • Sessional lecturer RMIT and Monash University - Communications, Marketing and Public Relations
  • Fellow of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders