eNews: Jumping Through Hoops

Term 4, 2021

eNews Tips: Lead Text and the Teaser

Get more eNews readers with these two simple tips. Over the last year or so eNews has been running, we've learned a few things watching how schools use this new newsletter system. It's time to share!
Sending your eNews email without lead text really doesn't stimulate any curiosity as to what's behind the 'Go to the Full eNews' button. Simply highlight what's contained in the eNews, more especially if there's something of great importance.

Something like, "In this eNews you'll learn about our new Zoom style parent teacher interviews and a heads up on some important coming events."

And if there's a really important article, use the 'Teaser' feature that pushes your chosen article out with the email for greater impact. 

Confused? You soon won't be. Check out the short video below.

From Aaron to Zoe

Interesting fact - we support nearly 2500 website administrators.  A few times a term, we shoot you out an eNewsletter like this one, with some tips and tricks, interesting tidbits or some webby stuff that we think you might enjoy.

Here's some facts you don't really need to know, but we found them interesting!

Of our nearly 2500 web administrators, the most popular website administrator name is a tie!  With 24 of each, Julie and Lisa, you are a strongly represented!

Coming in 2nd, with a total of 22 - Karen!  Congratulations on the Silver, we're hoping you have not been inundated with the Karen memes of 2020.

And for the Bronze, with a total of 19 - Leanne!  Great effort ladies!

Now, not to leave out the men, whose numbers are not nearly as impressive as the ladies.

The most popular male website administrator name goes to.... Andrew - with a total of 15!  Well done guys!

With the Silver and a total of 14 - David!  If you know a David, give him a high five today.

Finally, coming in third for the men, with a total of 13 - Matthew.  Congratulations guys, I bet you're glad you made the list!

Special mention to the Deb/Debbie/Deborah/Debras of our crew - you were very strongly represented alongside our Jenny/Jennifers.  The Mark/Marc combination also featured well, with 12 of you as part of our team.

However, upon close inspection of the data it is a fact that there is only 1 Denis and only 1 Sinead, so I guess that means we should get back to work!!!

Have a great day!

Welcome to Our Newest Schools

eNews: Free Trial Term 1, 2022

We're offering all schools a free trial of the new eNews for Term 1. 

Thinking about trialling the sponsor-ed eNews system? Create visually stunning newsletters with ease, from inside your website. Contact helpdesk@sponsor-ed.com.au to start your free trial, then join us for a short PD on how to use eNews to its full potential. On Wednesday 16th February at 12.30pm (9.30am WST). Register here.

Better visually, optimised for mobile with greater engagement. Your parents will love it and so will you.

Here's a few schools already using eNews.

Enrolment Season & School Marketing

It's always enrolment season isn't it? If your enrolments could use a bit of a lift, please consider using 'us' to help market your school. Sponsor-ed founder, Denis Masseni, is an expert in the field of marketing having lectured at Monash Uni on the subject. You can book a free 1 hour consultation to discuss your ambitions. Email heldpdesk@sponsor-ed.com.au with your preferred date and time and we'll confirm. We'll conduct the session over Zoom (or similar) so please invite as many of your team as you would like to be involved with your school's enrolment efforts.

Denis has worked with several schools experiencing enrolment challenges and has been able to make an impact. And the solution is not the size of a promotional budget. Much of the work is about setting strategies for the school's messaging and optimising the delivery mediums such as the website, Facebook etc.

You can read about Denis' approach in the paper 'What principals need to know about the principles of school marketing', at this link https://www.sponsor-ed.com.au/articles/262

Term 1 Professional Development

Join us for a free PD (or two) in the coming weeks.  Grab a cuppa and zoom into our sessions.  Each PD will run for less than an hour but are designed to give you the skills you need to move forward with your website.
Monday 14th February 12.30pm (9.30am WST)
Beginner Basics -
a one hour session that will run you through the basics of maintaining your website including - loading pdfs, images, creating new pages and adding dates to your calendar. Suitable for users that have attended the initial sponsor-ed training but need a refresher.

Wednesday 23rd February 12.30pm (9.30am WST)
eNews -
New year, time to start thinking about trialling the sponsor-ed eNews system. Create visually stunning newsletters with ease, from inside your website. And all schools new to eNews get a free Term's trial.

Tuesday 1st March 12.30pm (9.30am WST)
School Marketing - whether you’re trying to arrest an enrolment slide, harbour growth ambitions or are simply more interested in managing perceptions of your school, this PD will give you the strategies for positioning your school in the way you wish to be seen; the go-to school.

Please let us know if there's a PD topic you'd like covered, email helpdesk@sponsor-ed.com.au