eNews: The Stay Calm Issue

3rd June 2021

eNews Created in Under 90 Seconds

Yep, set myself the challenge. Check out the video to see how I went. The beauty of eNews is that it uses much of the work you've already done in your website. So, instead of managing two mediums, your website and your newsletter, you only need manage one.

Most importantly, why are you even bothering to create newsletters? Well, you'd like them read and if you make them mobile friendly, then there's every chance your parent's will find them easier to view (than a PDF) and much more accessible. Modern communications is all about optimising for mobile.

Here's a few schools using eNews

If you'd like a free trial of eNews, please contact helpdesk@updat-ed.com.au or call Sinead on 1300 755 010

Here's a link to our eNews support material for a complete tour through all the eNews features - click here.

Promoting Your School, Webinars and the Famous

The pandemic has presented many challenges and a smattering of opportunities too. People’s comfort now with Zoom style webinars is one such opportunity and one that can help promote your school. Let's unpack how Lauriston Girl's School went about engaging prospects with the school.

In any marketing activity, you want your audience to touch your brand as often as possible. This serves as a primer for a future enquiry. How about organising a webinar once per term?

Lauriston Girl's School used four components in the marketing of its event;
  • The Topic
  • The venue, which in this case is a webinar
  • They leveraged fame for interest (the hook) by using a high profile psychologist in Dr Michael Carr-Gregg
  • The principal was involved in the event (critical prins have exposure with prospective parents)
  • They promoted the event via social media to attract interest beyond the school community
Here's a few ideas on how you can organise your own webinar.

Consider your audience as parents and also students. Promote the event to your installed community and more broadly, pick up on prospective parents/students. Webinars make it easy for attendees – no travel – and more comfortable for many speakers.

For parents there’s the classic parenting seminars but think more broadly and look at webinars on careers or have your local Uni talk about tertiary life. How about calling on a successful alumnus? 

Don’t forget prospective students (more for secondary school). There may be local musicians (ok rappers if you must) and invite them to run a session. I’m hearing that students have a voice in their future school selection. Consider being the cool school.

Consider adding some fame to your brand (leveraging another person/ entity’s brand can rub off on yours) by hosting, say, an ‘Apple careers in tech webinar’ (or Google, Microsoft, Atlassian etc.). The point here is use webinars to allow prospects to engage with your brand. This very soft sell will build a comfort level and prime a prospect to begin a dialogue with your school.

You can read about many more strategies to promote your school by downloading my paper, 'What principals need to know about the principles of school marketing'. Grab a copy here 

Pay particular attention to pages 11 to 13.

Winter's here - quick grab the camera

As we bemoan the arrival of the cooler (ok colder) months, it's not all bad, especially when it comes to photography. When the sun's shining, grab the camera for some cracking shots. With the sun tracking lower in the sky, the colours become more saturated and more striking. It's a great time to refresh those homepage gallery photos. 

Just remember to keep the sun behind you and watch out for your wonderful subjects squinting. And the best tip of all; if you want a photo to have greater impact, just get closer.

The image below was taken at 2pm in July. You can see the long shadows and the intensity of the colours. Taken on an iPhone X in panorama mode - and with no filters.

Keeping parents up to date

The sponsor-ed calendar is one of the easiest tools on our site and can make a huge impact on parent engagement on your website.  Keeping it up to date is quite simple and the fact that the dates can be displayed in 3 different formats across your site and also in your eNews means that no parent can say "I didn't know about that"...

We've got two recently updated cheat sheets on working with the event calendar.

Working with the Calendar
Working with QuickView

The calendar can also be fed from your school's Google, Compass or Sentral Calendar - meaning the process just got even easier. Load your dates into your calendar of choice and they display on your website in 3 different formats!

Sounds good right? 

To get your calendar feed working:

Email Sinead the code at helpdesk@sponsor-ed.com.au 

There is a once off charge of $95 plus gst.

Please note that our servers sweep your site every four hours to refresh the calendar updates.

Example of Compass/Google/Sentral calendar code