August 26, 2020

eNews Zoom PD Thursday 3rd September

We've been fielding many calls about the next eNews zoom PD which we're pleased to announce is this Thursday. Great news too - we've extended the free trial period. If you'd like to learn how to drive eNews (it's so easy!) come and zoom with us and also learn about the experiences of a number of schools now onboard. eNews builds a contemporary newsletter from inside your website, it's mobile friendly and a huge time saver. But most importantly, you'll see your community engagement increase.

You can check-out some live school eNews examples here


Thursday September 3 @ 11.30am (9.30am WST)

Approximately 30 minutes

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you next week!

Be Heard - Use a Picture

You write and write and write until you're blue in the face and wonder if your words ever get through. You can see from this article's cover image, that a 10,000-word thesis, would struggle to convey the essence of equity as clearly as this simple picture does.

You know you could use a pic from time to time to get some cut-through.

And what about the cartoonists? They speak through pictures. What starts as a blank piece of paper, is transformed into a rectangular story with such clarity, and of course aided with a little sprinkling of satire.

So what can you do to get some pics to do the heavy-lifting for you? Just keep an eye-out. Things will pass your desk that you may use down the track; just keep a file handy and deposit into your 'for-later images'. You can of course hit Google images and if you're up for it, create your own too.

At sponsor-ed we've found a fabulous application called canva.com (an aussie invention that has taken the digital-world by storm). Canva is simply a design tool for non-designers. It's mainly free but if it inspires you, you can upgrade to premium for under $20 per month.

And for your viewing pleasure, enjoy the cartoons below - thank you Mark Knight News Limited.

Homepage Gallery Titles & Links

The homepage gallery is the first impression you give your audience about your school.  It will also demonstrate to your audience that you are updating your site regularly if you change the photos often.  This is easily done in your sponsor-ed website.
A feature of the Homepage Gallery that many overlook is the ability to add titles and links to your images.  You can highlight key areas of your website, such as Virtual Tours or Enrolment Information by linking this to your homepage gallery photos.

Watch this video or follow the steps below:

1.  MEDIA – HomeGallery – Edit Gallery

2.  Type your Title and description (if you choose to use the description)

3.  If you would like to link to a specific page or another webpage, simply type or copy and paste the URL into the ON CLICK LINK field.

If you click on read more it will take you to the linked page for Kitchen Garden.

For inspiration take a look at some of these schools that use their Homepage Gallery links:

St Anthony's Noble Park
Patterson Lakes Primary School
Wangaratta High School
Wheelers Hill Secondary College
Williamstown North Primary School

For a detailed guide, take a look at the Homepage Gallery Cheat Sheets.

Just For a Few Laughs - You'll Melt

We can all do with a few laughs. I hope you enjoy the video.