eNews: March 15, 2024

the (nearly) end of Term issue

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We're about to upgrade every product that makes up Updat-ed's total offering. And we need your help. It's critical that we know what products you use so we can apply the correct upgrade patches. We just need to ensure that our records are up to date.

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Updat-ed founder

Has your homepage got a missing tooth?

Sometimes the number of homepage articles just doesn't look balanced. It looks like a missing tooth. If you're on Themes 5a/b, 6, 8 & 9, you can organise your homepage articles to avoid that 'there's something not quite right' look.

You can see what we mean by the image below.

You can change the number of display columns (from 1 to 3) and create a Hero article (that runs horizontally); you now have the control to make your website look 'just right'.

Follow these instructions by referring to the image further below;

1: Go to SETUP/Manage Theme
2: Your theme will be highlighted by the radio button as selected, find it and click on the editing pencil
3: Open the drop down menu Select Recent News Style and choose your preferred option
4: Press Update and view your selection by going to your homepage

You can see what a reformatted homepage looks like here Theme9.

On this site, we've chosen Hero 2 x.

Missing teeth look cute on kids, not so much on websites!


Updat-ed founder

Term 2 PDs

Announcing our Term 2 PD dates. Each will be conducted over zoom and are included in your annual fee.

Updat-ed App - Your website comes with a free app.  If you are interested in learning what the app can do and whether it is a fit for your school, this is the PD for you!  Running time: Approx 30 minutes

Monday 22nd April (10.30am WST)
Register here
Wednesday 1st May 2.00pm (12.00pm WST)
Register here

Beginner Basics -
This session will run you through the basics of maintaining your website including - loading pdfs, images, creating new pages and adding dates to your calendar. Suitable for users that have attended the initial Updat-ed training but need a refresher.  Running time: 45 minutes

Tuesday 23rd April at 11.30am (9.30am WST)
Register here

New Look Web Themes - This session will run you through the 4 new themes that have recently been launched.  Sit back while we talk you through some of the features in the 4 new themes.  Running time: 20-30  minutes

Wednesday 24th April at 12.00pm (10.00am WST)
Register here

eNews - Time to start thinking about trialling the Updat-ed eNews system. Create visually stunning newsletters with ease, from inside your website. And all schools new to eNews get a free Term's trial.  Running time: Approx 45 minutes

Monday 29th April at 1.30pm (11.30am WST)
Register here

eNews Master Class - This session is for the schools that already use our eNews system and might want to learn a few tips and tricks to really polish that newsletter!  We'll show you some features that you will find handy with the latest upgrade.  Running time: Approx 45 minutes

Thursday 2nd May at 11.00am (9.00am WST)
Register here

Please let us know if there's a PD topic you'd like covered, email helpdesk@updat-ed.com.au

Bringing Your School to Life - Videos on your website

In today's digital age, first impressions matter more than ever, especially in the realm of education. With prospective students and parents increasingly turning to the internet to research schools, having an engaging website is paramount. One powerful tool to showcase the essence and offerings of your school is through video content.

Click play on the video below or visit Antonio Park Primary.

Videos have the unique ability to bring your school to life in a way that text and images alone cannot. They offer a dynamic and immersive experience, allowing visitors to get a glimpse of the school's atmosphere, culture, facilities, and academic programs. Here are some key ways to effectively utilise video on your school website:

  • Virtual Tours: Give viewers a guided tour of your school through a virtual tour video. This allows prospective students and parents to familiarise themselves with the physical environment and envision themselves as part of the community.

  • Student and Teacher Spotlights: Showcase the personalities and experiences of students and teachers through video interviews or profiles. Let them share their stories, accomplishments, and what makes your school special from their perspective.

  • Event Coverage: Record and share videos of school events such as sports, performances, competitions, and cultural celebrations. This not only highlights the vibrant extracurricular life of the school but also demonstrates community spirit and involvement.

  • Academic Programs: Create videos that provide an overview of your academic curriculum, special programs, and extracurricular activities. Include testimonials from students and staff to showcase the impact of these programs on their learning and personal growth.

Videos on your website can be embedded from YouTube, Vimeo and now Google Drive!  We also have the ability to share your video in your homepage gallery!  Take a look at Antonio Park Primary School who have recently taken drone footage to showcase their school in their homepage gallery.

For assistance with loading videos onto your website, please check out our cheat sheets under VIDEOS.  We have detailed instructions for YouTube and Vimeo.  For support using google drive, just email helpdesk@updat-ed.com.au