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28 October, 2022

Spotlight on St Mary's Altona

St Mary's Primary, Altona, is quite the model sponsor-ed school. They have an eNews open rate in the high 70% and visitations to their website, at over 25% the sponsor-ed average. I mean, why communicate at all if you're not getting engagement? But more importantly, they're doing it easily.

They've embraced the eNews concept by utilising many of the homepage articles to feed their eNews. One story, in two places is very efficient. If you think about it, why do homepage articles need to be that different to eNews articles?

The second most important element of their engagement success comes from a good balance of articles. They're guided by a simple strategy that informs their writing (you can read about the framework that guides their approach here, Page 11)

The article balance gives prospective parents visiting the website a good understanding of what the school does and what it stands for. And the community are equally well served by the same approach. 

Now back to the easy bit. I’ve mentioned the utilisation of homepage articles to feed their eNews. How about this earth shattering piece of news. They're writing less now than they were in the old PDF newsletter days (insert horror emoji here!).

They didn't plan to write less; it just happened. We call this a nice, unindented consequence. We've observed the same occurrence across all sponsor-ed eNews schools. Sometimes the planets line up don't they?

  • check out their eNews here
  • the website, also here
  • pay particular attention to their homepages gallery images, all shot by me on an iPhone 13
  • check out Sinead's article in this eNews on using our image bank to help you create articles even quicker. Easy!

Founder: The sponsor-ed Group

Images for your articles

Finding the right image to go with your latest article can be time consuming.  Did you know that we have a bank of images that you can use to make creating articles much easier?

Image Bank for Articles

These images are perfectly sized to use in your recent news and eNews articles.  And the list is growing.  We are currently working on doubling the image bank, so you have greater choice!

If you have a graphic that you would like created for your school, simply email helpdesk@sponsor-ed.com.au and we'll add it to the growing library!

Stay tuned for updates on the new image bank!

Website looking tired??? We can help!

Is your website content looking tired and dated?  Is the job getting pushed further and further down your to-do list?  Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day, week, year to get to what you need to do. We can help!

Contact helpdesk@sponsor-ed.com.au to arrange a time to chat about your needs.  We'll arrange a zoom room so that we can take a look at your site with you - and plot a plan forward.

1.  We'll review the site with you online at a convenient time for you.
2.  After the meeting we'll send you a document outlining the changes that were identified linking you to the appropriate support material to make these changes.

This service is complimentary.

Of course we can also make the changes for you - while you are on your summer break, with a few key pieces of information we can completely re-build your site so it looks the way you want for the start of 2023!  Contact us for a quote.

Should you wish to engage in a more in-depth look at your site you may opt for a Website Audit Report.

What's the aim of the audit?
  • Ensure parents (current and prospective) can find content easily
  • To make the website easier, for you to manage
  • To make the school's personality and vitality shine through
If you don’t know Sinead, she’s our Operation Manager and likely the voice you here when you’ve called our helpdesk. Sinead has built hundreds of school websites and you can tap into her immense knowledge to get your website humming again.

Here’s what Sinead’s Website Audit Report will cover;
  • An overview of your most popular pages
  • Ensuring your google maps data matches your school
  • A look at what content google shows when a parent searches for your school
  • A complete content analysis of your website
  • Analysis of your facebook posts over the past 6 months
  • Review Meeting to discuss findings and plot a path forward

Welcome to our Newest Schools

Recently we built a website for Ngarri Primary School.  Ngarri PS won't open until 2023 so the content was taken from the Victorian Building Authority Website as well as the school's facebook page.  Renderings of the buildings were used in place of photos on the homepage gallery.  We think it looks pretty special!

Ngarri Primary School

We'd also like to warmly welcome our newest schools:

Aitken Hill Primary School
Antonio Park Primary School
Bona Vista Primary School
Kiewa Valley School
Lynbrook Primary School
Mentone Park Primary School
Menzies Community School
Monmia Primary School
Panmure Primary School
Peranbin Primary College
Raywood Primary School
Rosedale Primary School
Shelford Primary School
Wooranna Park Primary School
Undera Primary School
Upper Plenty Primary School
Yarraville SDS

Each of these schools have recently gone live with a new sponsor-ed website and they look fantastic!

Welcome to the sponsor-ed family!

Sinead Bannon