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End of Year Wrap Up Edition

Sponsor-ed Christmas Break

You know you deserve a break, a real break and that's a web break too. But if you find yourself wanting to tinker with your website over January, we're here to help - we're just going to be a bit slower. Call or email helpdesk@spoonsor-ed.com.au Our Cheat Sheets aren't taking a break at all - you can find them here.

And if you want to play with our eNews system - just email us and we'll set up a free trial for you; eNews Cheat Sheets here.

Have a wonderful break, you soooo deserve it.

Sponsor-ed End of 2021 Fun Statistics

Over the past 12 months our sponsor-ed websites have been busy. 

  • Our community viewed 15 million pages across all sponsor-ed school sites during 2021.

  • The most popular day to view sponsor-ed websites was on a Thursday.

  • 62% of our website community visited the sites via mobile device.

  • 2916 hours were spent viewing content on across all our websites.  This equates to 121 days - nearly 1/3 of the year was spent visiting a sponsor-ed website.


Term 1 Professional Development

Join us for a free PD (or two) in the coming weeks.  Grab a cuppa and zoom into our sessions.  Each PD will run for less than an hour but are designed to give you the skills you need to move forward with your website.
Monday 14th February 12.30pm (9.30am WST)
Beginner Basics -
a one hour session that will run you through the basics of maintaining your website including - loading pdfs, images, creating new pages and adding dates to your calendar. Suitable for users that have attended the initial sponsor-ed training but need a refresher.

Wednesday 23rd February 12.30pm (9.30am WST)
eNews -
New year, time to start thinking about trialling the sponsor-ed eNews system. Create visually stunning newsletters with ease, from inside your website. And all schools new to eNews get a free Term's trial.

Tuesday 1st March 12.30pm (9.30am WST)
School Marketing - whether you’re trying to arrest an enrolment slide, harbour growth ambitions or are simply more interested in managing perceptions of your school, this PD will give you the strategies for positioning your school in the way you wish to be seen; the go-to school.

Please let us know if there's a PD topic you'd like covered, email helpdesk@sponsor-ed.com.au

eNews: Free Trial Term 1, 2022

We're offering all schools a free trial of the new eNews for Term 1. 

Thinking about trialling the sponsor-ed eNews system? Create visually stunning newsletters with ease, from inside your website. Contact helpdesk@sponsor-ed.com.au to start your free trial, then join us for a short PD on how to use eNews to its full potential. On Wednesday 16th February at 12.30pm (9.30am WST). Register here.

Better visually, optimised for mobile with greater engagement. Your parents will love it and so will you.

Here's a few schools already using eNews.