eNews: October 16, 2020

We're Upgrading Our Servers

Cometh the time. As part of our ongoing improvement programs, it's time now to upgrade our servers. The new environment will give us improved performance and enhanced security. We'll be writing to you shortly (some we have already) with the timing. During the migration process, we will be blocking access to publish to the website to avoid any content being lost. We'll keep this to a minimum. The public view of your website will remain live throughout - you won't be offline.

For Victorian government schools, you'll require your tech to make a small number change at iinet. Instructions will follow.

Watch out for the email announcement and if you have any questions please get in touch.

eNews Teasers

Do you have an important article that you'd like to highlight in your most recent eNews?  You can use the teaser function in e-News to highlight this article in your audience's inbox!  It gives your article extra air time, and it looks pretty fab too!

This is covered in our eNews cheat sheet on page 12 & 13.

Australia's Favourite Design Tool for Non-Designers: Free

We're in love with canva.com. It's a design tool made for non-designers. It's so easy to use and it's taken the world by storm. 

The Canva journey began back in 2007 when Melanie Perkins was studying at the University of Western Australia. 

Melanie taught students how to use programs such as InDesign and Photoshop — programs that people found hard to learn and even harder to use. Sound familiar?

We at sponsor-ed have been using canva for quite some time but just wanted to let you know that it's free for schools (we pay for it - insert sad emoji here).

We reckon it's great for you to be able to create your own custom homepage gallery graphics and recent news images. And so, so much more.....

When you first attempt to sign-in, you'll see the below graphic; choose Teacher and from there follow the prompts to (non)designer nirvana.

We've prepared a short video further below, showing you how we created a simple homepage gallery graphic. Easy!


CANVA Tute from The sponsor-ed Group on Vimeo.

The Enrolment PD

We use many terms from marketing, advertising, promotion and PR, but it all means the same thing; you'd like to grow your enrolments. Here's a heads up. It's all about managing perceptions and evoking an action.
The PD will keep things simple and focus on activities you can execute such as;
  • creating messages that move people
  • understanding the power of social media
  • digital advertising 
  • mobilising the parent community - your best message carriers
  • becoming visible in local community
  • the school tour
The zoom session will be run by Denis Masseni, sponsor-ed Director (CV below).

Date/time: October 29 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm (EST)

Please register below:

Register in advance for this meeting.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Denis Masseni 

Corporate: Marketing Executive roles - various

Monash University: Former Program Manager: Master of Multimedia/Design degree. Current Master’s sessional lecturer in digital communications and marketing
RMIT: PR Institute of Australia Certificate program, sessional lecturer

Chairman and Board member CBC St Kilda
Australian Council of Educational Leaders: Board member and ACEL Fellow. Recipient of the 2016 President’s Award

Author: Why schools are spooked by social media
PD Creator: PR for Principals: Managing the Vibe