eNews Created in Under 90 Seconds

Yep, set myself the challenge. Check out the video to see how I went.

The beauty of eNews is that it uses much of the work you've already done in your website. So, instead of managing two mediums, your website and your newsletter, you only need manage one.

Most importantly, why are you even bothering to create newsletters? Well, you'd like them read and if you make them mobile friendly, then there's every chance your parent's will find them easier to view (than a PDF) and much more accessible. Modern communications is all about optimising for mobile.

Here's a few schools using eNews

If you'd like a free trial of eNews, please contact helpdesk@updat-ed.com.au or call Sinead on 1300 755 010

Here's a link to our eNews support material for a complete tour through all the eNews features - click here.

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